Lacie’s in a bad situation. She has been offered as ante in a poker game by her stepfather to one of his rich over-indulged friends and it’s not to do something as mundane as cleaning his house. When she meets Erik, he is anything other than what she is expecting. Not only is he sexy and the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts but he is just as p$*#ed at her stepfather as she is. He wants to be more than just her friend though. He wants to take care of her and make her his. Is she ready for a way older guy to take care of her every wish or will the shattered trust her stepfather left her with bring a good thing to an end?

This is book two of my Taboo series. The trope heavy slightly dubious love story that has a guaranteed Happily Ever After is sure to leave you hot and bothered and glad it only takes one hand to turn the page. It’s a standalone that doesn’t have to be read with any of the others and doesn’t necessarily interact with any of the other stories in the series. Come to the dark side and find out what makes us love these naughty tropes so much!

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