A Trope-tastic Thanksgiving story…yes please!

Grayson Hart is the very definition of hero. He’s tall, handsome, strong and a firefighter. He’s also an orphan who has lived by his own code for longer than he can remember. One of those codes is that you don’t sleep with your best friend’s little sister – no matter how hot she might be or how tempting. But then…forced proximity and an afternoon in nothing but underwear changed everything.

Tinsley Dresdan has watched her big brother fall in love and now her mother is ready for her to settle down and give her grandbabies. But the only person Tinsley has ever had eyes for is her brother’s best friend and partner, Gray. He’s been the center of her focus for as long as she can remember but would her mom go so far as to kidnap the two and lock them in a room together or are they in far more trouble than even Gray can handle?

Can this hero turn things around and keep the only woman he’s had eyes for with him this holiday? You bet your cranberry sauce! This is the follow-up to Sir Richard’s Portrait (Taboo 10) everyone has been asking for. So when you’re all filled up on turkey and you can’t take the relatives a minute longer, sit down and spend the night with Gray – the firefighter with a large….sweet tooth!

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