Demi is having one of the worst holidays of her life-I mean who even likes spending time with nutball relatives that don’t really like you anyway. It’s made especially awful by the fact her sister and her new fiancé, who used to date Demi, is talking wedding cakes and baby registries. Who wouldn’t make up a fake boyfriend to be left alone? The cherry on top of her Thanksgiving night is an emergency trip to the E.R.- hey it was her or that turkey, she had to fight for her life. One hot doctor, several stitches, and one whoosy belly later and she’s not only living a lie but she’s got to remind herself that the good doctor is just doing this out of the kindness of his heart and probably because she is so damned pathetic. Could this holiday season get any worse? Oh yeah, she could lose her heart in the process. Happy freakin’ Thanksgiving.

This is the start of a new series that follows the people that work at a hospital straight out of a soap opera. Most of the books follow a holiday and a hot person in scrubs because hey, scrubs can be sexy too. If you like fake boyfriends, hot doctors, instalove and turkey with your kink give this one a try. Who doesn’t like a little meat at this time of year (wink, wink)?

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