Taking a self-defense class shouldn’t cause Birdie to break out in a cold sweat…except her instructor is a hot cop who has his eyes on her. But Gareth keeps sending out mixed signals and Birdie isn’t good at reading them even in the best of times. Unfortunately, she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and now she has more to worry about than whether Gareth will ask her out. She’s gone from being one of the hot cop’s students….to one of his cases. Can she keep it together long enough to survive going undercover with this sexy man in blue or will she become his next unsolved mystery?


Teaching the self-defense class started out as a favor to a friend but ends up being just what Gareth needed to shake him out of his ordered world, especially once he lays eyes on one of his students. Birdie doesn’t seem to realize he’s into her, but he plans to make his intentions perfectly clear once the class is all wrapped up. When he responds to a request for assistance to work a car accident he finds the woman he’s been fantasizing about for weeks. It would seem that someone has it out for her and ran her off the road. Someone’s in for a big surprise because Gareth just laid claim to this damsel in distress and he’s going to make sure Birdie stays safe and sound both above and under the covers.

Who doesn’t love a sweet cop who you wouldn’t be afraid to take home to Mom? Only Gareth isn’t just a knight in shining armor…he’s a bad boy undercover. And this is one bad boy who comes with his own set of handcuffs. Like the forced proximity, fake relationship trope…so do I, and this Standalone Taboo story checks all the right boxes to have your Kindle hot and your nights scorching as Gareth shows Birdie the true meaning of being caught Undercover!

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