The Human Between

From the beginning, the twins, Fagan and Phineas knew their mate was going to have to be someone extraordinary. The human they mate with will have to be prepared to take them both at the same time. Not something just any woman can handle. They also knew the first time they saw the doctor’s new assistant, Tia, that she was the one for them. She asked for time to come to terms with what it meant to be a mate to them and they gave it to her, mostly so they could work on a plan to escape the lab they were being held in so they would be free to take their mate without worry of her being used against them. Now, her time has run out. The twins can’t wait any longer or bad things are going to happen.  Just when they think they have everything all figured out with Tia a new threat manifests. One that could threaten not just the happiness of their mate but her very life.

The third installment of the Within series is a standalone double virgins romance that is so hot it takes two alpha shifters to handle it instead of one.  Come find out what the twins have been up to while the other Metamorphs were looking for their mates.