Tis the season to fall in love:

Christmas means more than what’s under a tree, no one knows that better than Paige and her little sister Mel. Trying to get a present for their mom, who works entirely too hard, leads them to the mall to brave the chaos and nightmare that is the last minute Christmas rush. But one Santa later and Christmas just got a whole lot more magical. Now he’s leaving a string of presents for her stocking and taking her heart one gift-wrapped present at a time. 

Liam works hard for the things he wants. That could explain why his work has become his life. The only break he gets is in hiding who he really is behind a big red suit and giving kids more to celebrate. This year when he looks up from his throne of red and gold the perfect image of an angel stands before him. He’s got one shot to help her realize he is the Santa for her. One-shot to bring his Christmas miracle home with him this holiday season.

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