Aaron “Pope” Benedict wants revenge and it’s the only thing on his mind until he sees Mary. Yeah, pulling Mary into his revenge plot by making her go on a couple’s cruise their cheating exs are on is petty and wrong but not as wrong as finding out Mary is a virgin and he just brought her on a wild exhibitionist boat ride and now he can’t keep his hands off of her. He might be called ‘Pope’ but holy he is not and Mary won’t be leaving the boat the same way she came aboard. But has his need for vengeance kept him from starting a new life with Mary? And what happens when they reach their destination?

This is a fun, silly taboo tale about a man just wanting to get back at his ex until he sees the other guy’s woman. Don’t let the synopsis throw you, the two lovers are very much over their exs and looking to move on. It’s hot and summery and sticky and isn’t that something we all need more of!

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