I open the door one time and the next thing I know I have a boyfriend, a guy who wants to date me after wanting nothing to do with me, and a really big problem! My problem? Happens to be a big, growly man named Bear…and my best friend’s brother. Now he’s telling everyone I’m his and calling me his honeybee. Why am I suddenly finding myself dancing around in his shirts and staying over at his place…and hiding what we do from his sister? Maybe this Bea can’t handle the Bear shaking her honeycomb.

I agreed to help my sister’s friend out of a tight spot…by claiming her as my own, bringing her home with me, and teaching her the art of lovemaking. Is breaking into Bea’s hive the right thing to do? Probably not. Is my sister going to kill me when she finds out? Oh, definitely. But this honeybee is worth every sting I’ll have to take to make her mine. I just hope by the end that I can tell everyone…She’s Mine!

Welcome to the After Dark series where the Happy Ever Afters are a little more shade of gray than they normally are. In She’s Mine, Bea and Bear find love through a big fat lie, but just because your relationship starts out as a lie, doesn’t mean it can’t turn into a true love match. And you’re in luck because I’m just the writer to deliver a piping hot serving of romance …After Dark.

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