I know what I want for Christmas. It’s small, beautiful, and wrapped in blue…or rather pink. It’s the baby I’ve been left with when my friend -her mother- died. Noelle. I will do anything for this little baby…including something I never thought I would, like marrying a man I don’t know who may or may not have a thing for dating sites used to find Sugar Babies. But what choice do I have? I can’t let them take Noelle away from me. I can’t stand by and watch the baby I’ve grown so attached to being sent into a system that is so broken and that I know so well. I just have to suck it up, meet the Sugar Daddy that will become my husband, and stay focused on that little baby with the big bright eyes. But what I get when I meet Nic isn’t what I was expecting. And this man isn’t just someone willing to go along with my plans to keep my baby. No, Nic wants to give me an extra special Christmas gift…a sister or brother for little Noelle.

I’ve spent my life building up the toy company my father left my brother and me. One of the clauses in his will was that we both had to get married or pay to keep it. I’ve given up on ever finding a wife and instead set out to buy my way back into the company. My brother…he’s always taking the easy way out. But when I get wind of the little thing wanting him to be her Sugar Daddy, I have to take a look especially when I hear her voice. What I find is a woman willing to do anything to keep the infant her friend left behind. Talia isn’t the kind of woman who looks like she would be alright with someone calling her a Sugar Baby but she’s desperate. And I find I’m very willing to help her. One look at Talia and how much she loves baby Noelle and I’m willing to be more than her Sugar Daddy…I want to make her my Santa Baby and teach her all the fun she can have when she lets me drive the sleigh. I’m not playing when it comes to Talia. This Christmas, I plan to keep Talia all wrapped up under my tree…even if I have to tie her to my bed to do it.

Buckle up, you hot elves because I have a little slice of Christmas cheer to offer for when you just can’t wrap another gift or move that elf one more dang time. This isn’t a story for the tiny reindeer. It’s the fifteenth in my Holiday Series and can be read as a standalone. So don’t let all the stress of the season bring you down, curl up by the lights of the tree, and read about this sexy Santa who will go to any extremes to make his Mrs. Claus happy. Just like the song, he’s going to hurry down the chimney and Christmas is going to be a whole lot warmer this year. So, give yourself a Happy Holiday, no wrapping required!

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