Double the treats –double the pleasures!

Rise of the Animals

Athea has one job  – to take care of her sisters but that isn’t going to be easy when there are literal monstrous animals waiting outside the village gates to do horrible things to the people trapped inside. One of these Animals wants something very different from Athea  – he wants to devour her in a whole new way – one she might just fall in love with.

Reign of the Animals

Alma is pretty sure the stress of the past year is going to kill her. Not only did she lose her parents earlier in the year but she just lost her sister and the animals that took Athea away from her are still lingering outside the walls of her village…until they come in!

Double the virgins, double the fated-mates, and double the hot AF Alphas. Who doesn’t like getting double the pleasure? And in this Metemorph bundle, you get all the hot shifter love from men who aren’t afraid to let their inner animal out, especially for the right woman. Come join in the fun and find out how these sisters find their happy ever afters. Since this is set in the time period where men took what they knew to be theirs it also comes with a trigger warning! If dubious consent isn’t your treat, skip this one.

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