Shortly before her eighteenth birthday the world shut down because of a pandemic, but Bunny didn’t have to spend the quarantine all alone. Instead she gets to stay with her best friend and her crazy hot stepbrother, Fox. Fox gave Bunny her nickname and although it might be a bad thing to crush on your bestie’s brother she can’t seem to help herself. Fox isn’t making it any better by acting differently after her birthday. Lingering touches, molten looks and sneaky nights are all working to make Bunny cross a line she doesn’t know if she is prepared to cross.

This is the first book in the Taboo series. It’s a trope heavy, very dirty group of books that are sure to make your quarantine time hot and spicy. It’s a standalone Happy Ever After with a twist on the everyday love story of a girl, a best friend’s brother, and a pandemic with a sweeter than chocolate cake ending. Come join my world of Taboo with Quarantine Bunny and find out how good it is to be locked down with the ones you love!

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