Nori’s big sister has a secret…one that is going to get her killed. The only problem…Nori doesn’t know what the secret is. So what’s a girl to do when mysterious strangers are out to get you and your life is thrown into chaos? You embrace the chaos and run headlong into the arms of the hot biker who’s offering you protection…for a price. But will the price of safety be too high for Nori? Or will she pay any price…for love?

Pyro comes from a world that’s anything but soft and romantic. In his world, you take what you want, you keep what belongs to you, and you protect your woman above all else. He’s already watched one brother fall in love but that couldn’t possibly happen to him. Right? Not until he’s put in charge of a little slip of a thing with a soft smile, a romantic heart, and big…secrets. Nori tests everything Pyro thinks he wants but when she’s threatened…he’s going to show the people trying to hurt her just why they call him Pyro.

Welcome back to the Sons of Chaos Motorcycle Club. These men may not be legal but they always take care of their women and Pyro might be the worst. He has no problem burning down the whole town to get to what’s his. Nori doesn’t stand a chance against a hero like Pyro and neither will you. So come grab a comfy place and fall in love with this bad boy and all his friends. You won’t be sorry you let this biker stroke your fire. Not when he promises a happy ever after and an always at the end of the ride.

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