Let me take you back to the beginning:

The world has just gone into lockdown and everything is going to be different forever. And Serenity, ‘Rene’, is stuck in the house with her totally inappropriate crush – her guardian who used to be her stepdad. She knows this kind of love is more than forbidden or taboo but those are just words to the heart who only sees the man who saved her from a life with her mother. Evan Reed has been her hero from the moment she met him but slowly over time this feeling has turned into something …more and has Rene wanting to call Evan Daddy for a whole slew of other reasons. But will he accept her love for him or will he be disgusted at the thought of Rene wanting him to be more than her protector? Will he allow himself to take the role of Daddy to the next level? Or is she setting herself up for more than those quarantine pounds you know we’ve all gained?

Take a ride with me back to quarantine for Rene and Evan’s happy ever after. He might be a good man but Rene will make sure he’s an even better Daddy. This might be my spiciest Taboo book to date so hold on to your e-reader and spend a night with PussyCat.

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