Cheap construction, a thick headboard, and two horny roommates all add up to a Valentine’s surprise that Dixie will not soon forget.

Dixie Baker isn’t the kind of person to get mad even when a wall almost falls on her because her roommate and boyfriend won’t stop going to town on one another. Dixie’s the kind of person to just grin and bear it but she’s about to meet a man who will fix more than just the hole in her wall. He may just be the man who changes how she feels about Valentine’s Day too.

Cash Long knows as soon as he sees Dixie she was meant to be his. He just has to find a way to get this woman in his home and find some way to make her stay. He knows he can give her the world if she will just let him, but will she let her walls fall and let him patch the holes in her heart?

Can Cash make Dixie see how perfect they are for each other or will he end up with just his tool in his hand? Of course he will! It’s Valentine’s after all. If you’re looking for a safe read with an over-the-top alpha who knows his way around any wall a woman can throw up but only has eyes for one woman in his life, then come read this double-virgin holiday romance. The best part? This little nugget of sweetness won’t go straight to your thighs…unless you want it to.

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