At the intersection of Danger and Trouble you’ll find…The Sons of Chaos.

Poe had a simple job that night. Go with one of the rival motorcycle clubs’ enforcers for a quick drop of some…contraband. It should’ve been a get there and get back scenario but he should have known nothing’s ever that easy. Especially not for the Sons of Chaos. Now he has a murder on his hands, a traumatized witness, and a whole club of pissed-off bikers. Poe can handle the dead guy and the entire club of burly bikers. What he can’t handle is the tiny, little doll who sends his whole world into…well, chaos.

Pru McAfee was sent out into the night by a self-centered aunt just to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now she’s been kidnapped by a biker gang, held hostage by the sexiest alpha male she’s ever laid eyes on, and what’s worse…she lost her favorite beanie. Pru is used to her life not being fair but does it have to start hurling bullets her way too? And what is she going to do when her heart is the thing in the most danger? Can she trust this tattooed bad boy to keep it safe…from himself? What’s she going to do when the police show up asking questions that could land her big, strong man behind bars?

Hold on to your handlebars because I just wrote my first-ever MC book! Is it full of bad road puns, sexy motorcycle tropes, and lots of leather? You bet your sweet axel it is! So grab a blanket, hold on tight and come with me on a road trip where the men all live for love and to make their ladies the happiest women on Earth. Come read the first book in the new MC series Sons of Chaos.

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