The Librarian Series: Book Two

Lisa has watched her best friend fall in love and couldn’t be happier for her but it’s not something Lisa wants for herself. A devastating relationship with a professor when she was young has made her only want one night stands and men that won’t be around for the morning cup of coffee. When Randy Turner makes his move on her she is more than happy to not only shut him down but crush his man wh*#e heart as well. Until the night she drinks too much and winds up in his bed. Until he finds out about her old scars from college and doesn’t run the other way screaming. Until he promises her forever and she thinks he just might mean it. But can she let her past go? Can she promise him forever back? Either way, Lisa and Randy’s love story is long OVERDUE.

I had so much fun with the first book that I had to give these two a happy ever after. And its Lisa approved so there is no cheating. This is book two in the Librarians series but can be read as a standalone story. If you like sweet men with an alpha streak who knows how to treat women right, then Randy is the book boyfriend for you.

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