Lexi is finally getting to see her sister after a very long absence, but nothing is the same as the last time she saw her – she’s dating someone, she’s moved them both into his place known as the ‘compound’, and men big enough to move a bus are everywhere. That’s not the most upsetting part. The most upsetting part is the big shadow that can move in and out of a room without being seen or heard and the situation she gets into where she has to pretend he’s her boyfriend. Cool right, unless you look into his cold blue eyes and realize he’s hot as hell and pissed at the world.

Can she see this charade through to the end or will she have to cut her summer short and leave her sister to this new life she knows nothing about? Or will something even worse happen – like falling in love with a man she isn’t sure has a heart anymore?

Just in time for Independence Day, this is the fourth book in the Dark series and follows Jack to his happy ever after. It just so happens it’s with Libby’s sister – yeah, that’s not going to cause all sorts of trouble. Trust me ladies once you get a load of this bathroom scene you’re going to have to use one hand to turn pages. That or wonder what goes on inside of my head most days. Either way, it’s hot enough to light your firecracker and give you a good bang.

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