When Worlds Collide…Chaos Reigns!


“You’re in my world now, little girl!”

That’s the last thing I hear right before I pass out. I’ve gone from one bad situation to another, but I can’t seem to think my way out of this one. I thought my old childhood neighbor was supposed to save me…not be just as evil as the thing I’m running from. But there’s little of the boy next door I once knew in the newly christened Odin. The man who would do anything for me has become the man who now controls me. He wants me and he’s not above doing bad things to have me. So…why is that so hot to me? Maybe Odin isn’t the only one who’s changed?


The man I was is no more. I’ve put that life behind me, only keeping in contact with my mom. But dead things have a way of creeping back up if you don’t put a torch to them. And the one bridge I’m not ready to burn yet is the one that leads me straight to Lorelei, or Lori as she’s going by now. This girl, a woman now, has no idea the things I have done for her. Then, my path to her is cleared and no force on Earth is going to take her from me this time. Certainly not the trouble chasing after Lori. If they think they can take my princess away from me they’re going to find out what happens when you piss off the leader of the Sons of Chaos.

What happens when a good girl is forced to turn to a bad boy for help…a whole lot of fireworks and a ton of love of course. This book is full of tropes that will have you begging for the ending. Second-chance love, boy-next-door, bad boy/good girl, forced marriage and of course, motorcycle club goodness can all be found in this one, the third book of the Sons of Chaos series but this little diamond in the rough can be read as a stand-alone. Come find out what happens when worlds collide.

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