Ivy feels a little bit like Alice walking around in the land of stars and giant personalities and then she spots that one person she’s (not) so secretly crushed on for years. Weston Marshel. Hot, broody, musician…god. So what’s a girl to do when her crush is standing just a few feet away looking at her (after taking a few minutes to fangirl, of course)? End up looking like a complete idiot, that’s what. But Wes doesn’t care how they first met or even that it wasn’t really the first time they met. All he cares about is getting his very talented hands on Ivy and making her his, if she doesn’t mind staying down the rabbit hole in the land of Wonder.

This is the third book in the Hollywood Forever series. Some old friends pop back up every now and then (We’re all looking at you Vin). It’s fast and dirty like a good ride through Hollywood should be. Come let me entertain you and show you the best side of this dirty business.

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