Amethyst is about to have the weekend from hell. She’s going to a cabin for an early spring break getaway with her best friend and a whole crapload of strangers and the school’s biggest bully. Oh and to make matters worse – she has to spend the weekend with the hottest man she has ever laid eyes on – Jagger Kingsley. He’s everything she isn’t – hot, competent…hot. How the hell is she supposed to endure this weekend getaway and come out the other side of it in one piece.

…And then it snows, trapping everyone inside with one another. And the bad news just keeps piling up for the vacationers… someone in the cabin they are staying with is a murderer.

Jagger ‘Jag’ Kingsley has just met the girl he is going to marry. Yeah, she’s a lot younger than he is, and she’s shy and innocent but nothing is going to keep him from impressing Amethyst, or Milly as everyone calls her. All he has to do is make her fall in love with him, keep her warm from the freak blizzard that just blew up and trapped them in the cabin, and oh, yeah, keep a killer away from her. A killer who wants Milly almost as much as Jag does – but for very different reasons.

Does Jag have it in him to protect the delicate woman he has chosen for his own? Oh yeah! Snuggle up, grab some warm socks and hot cocoa and enjoy this last bit of winter romance. If you like your blizzards full of hot alpha man and sizzling nights then Melt for Me, a standalone winter tale, is the story for you. Once you check out the sauna scene you might be reaching for something cool to drink – no matter how cold it is outside. Enjoy!

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