The Librarian Series: Book Three

Mary Beth has watched her friends fall in love and start a family but all she has for herself are a couple of bad dates and a crazy person trying to be more to her than what she wants. Thank God, the school librarian was there the night Dex (Douchebag ex) tried to take what she was unwilling to give. Who wknew the super hot librarian and high school history teacher could kick so much a**?  And who knew getting involved with him would lead to dead bodies and shady men who want to kidnap her and use her against him? Who the hell is this guy!?!  She doesn’t have all the answers but the one thing she knows for sure is that Mr. Warren has been keeping secrets. Big ones that could get her killed just for standing too close to him. Dying is not on Mary Beth’s agenda so she has to figure this out quick or the sheet isn’t the only thing going to be spread-hehe.

It’s the exciting conclusion to the Librarian series and I went all out for this one. We have spies, secret agencies, and a psycho ex; you know all the things that make it a Jisa Dean book. Hot sex and hotter librarians are overflowing in this one. It’s a happy ever after that can be read as a standalone but is better with its two best friends. Come find out if Mary Beth gets her man in Late Notice. (She totally does and it is hot!)

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