I knew the moment I first saw Brandi at my friend’s company that I wanted her. Her turning me down and not falling for all of my bull just adds to the list of reasons I want her. But it’s not just want. It’s a burning, all-consuming need to be with the one woman who has me tied to her like a sub to their master (which anyone who knows me knows that is not a role I usually get down for). But for Brandi I’ll give her the freedom, the power, the ability to boss me around and use that mouth to cut me down all she wants – as long as she gives me what I want at home. Tied to my bed. Completely submissive to just me. Can she handle that side of me? Can she trust me enough with her body to give me her heart? God I hope so or it’s going to get very difficult not to just take what I want and kidnap my mouthy little professional.

Find out what happens when an Alpha billionaire has to learn the word no and is made to wait. Heads up: it might include a kidnapping…yeah he totally kidnaps her but for a good reason 😉 . This is the fourth published book in the Lake series and while a few old friends pop in to say hi it can totally be read solo. So if you want to meet the totally dominate Greg come back to the lake with me and find out just how obsessed he can get over his woman.