The Lake Series: Book One

For orphan Vera Evans, she’s been on the outside looking in most of her life. Too shy and innocent to truly fit in with the group of friends she hangs out with, she’s had to protect herself for way too long. A chance encounter in a library changes all that when unconventional bad boy artist, Ed Dawson, takes notice of her.

Ed has lived a wild life and most of it can be seen on his arms and chest. Straight-laced, unmarked, Vera is the complete opposite of him and the hard life he left behind. But Ed can’t help wanting her for himself. Maybe opposites really do attract because all Ed wants to do now is protect Vera from all the wolves who want a taste. But is he the biggest threat of all?

Come spend a weekend at the Lake House. We have artistic bad boys, orphaned virgins, a fake relationship and a romance that’s so hot it will leave your panties wetter than the shoreline.
It’s quick, safe and ends just the way you want it to – kinda like an orgasm should be.

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