Even nightmares need happy ever afters.

It’s not easy growing up in a world dominated by big, scary men. They never let me have any fun and instead of having one brother… I have a whole motorcycle club full of them. Always watching over my shoulder, never letting anyone get close. I don’t have the chance to meet anyone and if I do, they’re quickly chased away. That is until I join a chat group and find someone not afraid of the men surrounding me. In fact, I don’t think Fury is scared of anything. But who is the man I am talking to? Who is the man everyone seems so afraid of? And is he really as safe as I’ve led myself to believe? Or am I getting ready to make the worst mistake of my life when we meet face-to-face?

Boogieman, demon, nightmare, I’m nothing but a shadow in a world of darkness. I’m the one they whisper about when they talk about bad things coming. But lately, I’ve been taking a long, hard look at my life and finding it empty. Something is missing. Something that I stumble upon when I am not even looking for it. In a chatroom, even. I found the perfect thing, and her name is Jinx. She’s the opposite of me in every way. Sunshine to my darkness, an angel to my demon, a dream to my nightmare…and I have to have her. It doesn’t matter who stands in my way or what I have to do to make Jinx mine. She already belongs to me; she just doesn’t know it yet. After all, boogiemen don’t ask…they just take what they want.

Too hot to go outside? That’s okay. I have you covered with just the kind of story that lets you bring the summer inside. Finally, Jinx gets her chance at happy ever after and when she sets her sights on love, she goes all out. Not only does she find someone powerful enough to keep up with the Sons of Chaos but dark enough to keep her safe from all the trouble she seems to trip and fall into. The fourth installment of the Sons of Chaos series is one that can be read in the series or as a standalone, but I find the more big, strong men you have the better, so why not indulge? Especially when they look like the men from the Sons of Chaos.

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