My reality is falling apart, my family is completely dysfunctional, and I’m the biggest klutz in the world. But somehow I have a brother who loves me and is willing to put up with me at my worst, new friends who are great people, and if I have to fall on anyone…I can only hope and pray it is the hot guy on my brother’s hockey team that makes my heart pound faster and my feet forget what they are supposed to be doing. Because if I have to crash land in someone’s life -and arms- I would prefer it be no one else’s but Spade’s.


I had a front-row seat to my best friend falling in love with his girl. No way could I get as lucky as him and find my own girl… until she falls in my arms. Literally. One look at the cute little strawberry blonde and I know that’s the one for me, but there’s just one problem… she’s my friend’s sister and even though that worked for my best friend I doubt I am going to be lucky enough to keep the girl of my dreams and the friendship that means so much to me. Unless…she wants me as much as I want her and we can show her brother this is the real thing. But will I have enough time to make this magical woman fall in love with me before her brother finds out the bed she’s been sleeping in…is mine.


Buckle up, smut fans – I have a cute story with so many tropes they are falling off the pages. Spade, who we met in After Dark Three has just been hit with the love bug and he doesn’t go far to find the woman of his dreams. If you like cute, quirky women who have more dork in them than femme fatale and men who find that enchanting then hang on to your playing cards because this stand-alone story that is number four in the After Dark Series has all of it…In Spade’s!

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