Hazel Summers is a nerd fighting the inevitable – she’s introverted, shy, and the oldest virgin known to man. And she just boarded a boat with her fellow students who think of this as a party cruise and nothing more, which makes her the designated sober friend who helps them all get back to their cabin without falling overboard. That is until she sees something she’s not supposed to and then her world changes in a heartbeat. One murder, a wedding, and a madman all lead her toward the future she doesn’t know she yearns for. Can she grab onto it like a life preserver on a sinking ship or will the tsunami of trouble heading her way be too much for her to overcome?

Not if Reed can do anything about it. He’s had his eye on the curvy, little brunette since he spotted her in one of the ship’s bars. When she runs into him after just seeing something horrific she couldn’t have run to a better man. Reed is a police officer – that is when he’s not on a cruise ship heading to an island paradise. There’s no way he’s going to let some murderer take away his chances of making the innocent student his. But Reed isn’t looking for a one-night-stand. No, he’s in it for the long haul – forever. Can he keep his girl safe when he doesn’t even know whom he’s protecting her from?

Of course, he can! This might not be the Love Boat but it’s the next best thing. Come set sail with Captain Jisa and get away from all the winter doldrums. Leave behind the cold days and dark nights for the magic of the ocean and the heat of more than just the sun! Reed gives a whole new meaning to pleasure cruise!

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