Ever wonder what would happen if the man of your dreams met you on one of your worst days? Well, in my experience the guy moves in. That is what happened when Whit Barlowe showed up at my door when I was running late for a wedding I didn’t really want to go to anyway. He finds me in layers of tulle, a half-zipped dress, and false nails that won’t stay on to save my life. And he still agrees to be my new roommate. Which pretty much kills any hope of being anything more. But something about Whit draws me to him. Something about Whit makes me want to say yes when I should be saying no. There is just something about him. Could it be that…He’s Mine.


I am in trouble! I thought I was getting a roommate more like me…as in male. Turns out she’s a she, a sexy redhead I have trouble keeping my hands off of. I try to tell myself she’s just a friend but I’m pretty sure I’ve never wanted to French kiss my best guy friend. I don’t sit around staring at any of them and none of them look as good as she does wearing my jersey. But when something threatens my little kittycat I’m tired of pretending she’s nothing more than just another friend to me. This woman isn’t just a roommate…she’s the woman who is going to make me hers. And I have no problem with that at all.

 Buckle up and hang on for the third book in the After Dark Series. You meet Kat, Bear’s sister from Book Two’s Happy Ever After. She doesn’t expect love to come knocking at her door but when it does how could a smart woman like Kat turn it away? Kat’s no wilting violet, she knows when the right one comes along, she’s going to make sure everyone knows this guy belongs to her and this kitty has the claws to keep him.

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