She’s going to steal more than his heart!


I have to be having the worst year ever. Not only has my identity been stolen, my job is on shaky ground, and now I’m about to be arrested for trespassing and breaking and entering because I chose the wrong house to try to stay in for the night. To make matters worse I had to choose the house of a Hollywood Heartthrob who everyone loves and admires. I’m so going to jail. Until…I’m not and the heartthrob that everyone love offers me a job and a way to get my identity back. But in his world, everything comes with strings and I don’t think I have the heart to be a part of that, not and leave with my innocence attached.


From the moment I see my little thief on the security cameras I know…this one is mine! Seeing her tiptoe through my home gives me more than just the idea to have her pretend to be my fiancé so I don’t have to worry about gold diggers in Tinsel Town. By the end of our little act, I plan to have my leading lady stuffed full of our baby and a ring on her finger that you could see from space. The only award I want is this woman’s heart! And I’m willing to do anything to make Esme mine. Anything! 

Hang on to your red-carpet dress, guys! I’m doing another Hollywood Forever book. And this one is full of spice and alpha sexiness. If you want a story about an ex-teen heartthrob finally finding his Hollywood happy ever after ending with a normal girl-next-door then sit back, crack open a bottle of bubbly (even if it is bubble bath) and take some time to escape with this Hollywood Heartthrob. You won’t be sorry you came along for the limo ride.

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