Candace Wilson gives a whole new meaning to RBF (resting b*tch face). She’s not only a hard woman to get to know, she’s also harder to love. Even her friends call her Hard Candy. But that’s not going to stop Storm Carson from finding a way to make this Candy melt for him. Storm took one look at Candy and knew she was the one and no amount of bad attitude is going to convince him otherwise. He knows all he has to do is get inside to Candy’s gooey center and make her fall in love with him because a woman like Candy loves with her whole heart and forever. Two things Storm is willing to do anything to get and even more to keep.

Hard Candy is the beginning of a brand new series, Sweet Treats. This little story is like Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew minus the drama and adding in a lot more spice, hot alpha male action, and sex. Lots more sex. So, if you’re looking for something sweet to read with a Happy Ever After then put down your lollipop, spit out your gum and grab your kindle for Hard Candy. You’ll only need one hand to hold the kindle, you can think of something to do with the other one, I’m sure.

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