She just wanted to be a part of something…

Autumn has spent her whole life looking for a place to fit in. Somewhere she can feel safe and a place she can finally feel like she belongs. She’s been an orphan for the better part of her life so joining a sorority seems like the perfect thing. Until she gets drugged and filmed doing things with a complete stranger. This is clearly not the place she will end up calling home. Now she has more problems than she can deal with and the biggest one is six-four, filthy rich, and ticked off. Will she survive the humiliation? Will she survive Colt? He will make her a part of him…forever!

Colt Hudson is nobody’s definition of a good man. His tastes run more in line with handcuffs and whips than fuzzy feelings and being someone’s Daddy. That is until he meets Autumn. One night of mishaps and he’s ready to hand over everything to this woman. But first, he has to keep her safe. And everyone knows there is no better person to keep you safe than your Daddy.

This is the eleventh stand-alone Taboo book and I am all ramped up to make it hotter, raunchier, and full of more sex than ever before. SO, if you like your Happy Ever Afters with a bit of spice and your Alpha with some growl then Colt is the hero for you. Come find out what’s so Taboo about being Half-Cocked!!!

Too Intense Cover

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