Months after Alex ‘Ace’ Sokolov helped to take down an international human trafficking ring and stopped a corrupt senator he is now retired and back in his mom’s house. It’s a long way to fall from flying some of the world’s fastest planes to sitting and waiting around for something exciting to happen in Suburbia Hell. Until he sees one of the reasons he’s been going so hard and so fast for so many years.

The little neighbor girl who has always had his heart is all grown up now and since Ace isn’t doing anything dangerous anymore it’s the perfect time to claim what has always been rightfully his. But is the danger that’s been Ace’s constant companion ready to let him just walk away or is he risking pulling the woman he loves harms way.

This is a stand-alone thriller in the same series as Dark Redemption where you first meet Ace but you don’t have to read the first one to get all the sweaty, steamy-hot love out of this one. Sit back and take a ride with another one of the Black Star men. They never let a woman down and always aim to be the first one in and the last one out.