Darcy Maloney is having a tough month. She’s just found out she’s the object of a man’s desires…unfortunately, he just so happens to be a serial killer which makes it her nightmare…

Darcy hosts a small podcast about true crime. She loves her job even when she has to speak about truly appalling things like murder. But this Halloween someone’s taking the crime part too far and Darcy’s finds herself the focus of a game between two men who’ve made her their end goal. One, an ex-FBI agent who’s still got something to prove, and the other a deranged monster who won’t rest until he’s the one calling the shots. Can she be saved or will she be the next episode on her own podcast?

Raiden quit the day he found one of the victims a little too close to home for his comfort – right outside his front door. He’s been lost for the last several years as he tries to find steady ground after butting heads with a serial killer everyone calls the Holiday Killer. When he’s pulled back in, the stakes are high because Raiden knows Darcy belongs to him from the moment he first lays eyes on her – even if she didn’t know he was watching. And he would do anything – ANYTHING – to protect Darcy.

‘Tis the season to download a scary story and hide under the covers with your e-reader. What you do under there is completely up to you but by all means, take Darcy and Raiden with you. These two are hot enough to knock back the chill of those early autumn nights so you can concentrate on the holiday season…and CANDY!!! This is the second book in the Holiday series but can be read as a stand-alone with a happy ever after that will leave you begging for a treat so sweet you might just have to see your dentist afterwards. Due to the serial killer aspect of the story a trigger warning is in effect. Only treats and sweets for my lovelies.

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