I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was a kid and the one constant I’ve had in my life is my best friend, Crew Summit. He’s always been my secret crush, the boy who took care of me and made sure I was never messed with. But I left that world…and Crew, behind when I was sixteen. Coming back and doing a movie with him after all these years is like a blast from the past. But even though Crew and my love for acting hasn’t changed something is definitely different…me! I can’t seem to hide the fact that for me Crew has always been more than just my friend and my protector. He’s the man I want to be my forever.


Everett has always been mine to protect, to look after, to care for. At the very basic heart of what she is, what she has always been, is mine. I’ve spent years trying to deny it, telling myself she’s too young, that she’s my friend and it’s wrong to think of her like I do but when she’s cast as my leading lady those hot scenes between the two of us have more than just the temperature rising. And the excuses I’ve made melt like ice cream in the hot summer sun. But can I get Everett to see that we’re meant to be together, or will this end up being a relationship more combustible than the Fourth of July fireworks?

This summer find out what happens when you mix business with pleasure and fall in love with Everett and Crew. These two could give the fireworks of Independence Day a run for their money. Have I made a cross-over between my Holiday Series and my Hollywood Series? You bet your kiddie pool I did! And it is hot enough to melt your e-reader. So, if you need a break from the kids, the in-laws, or just the mundane then follow me to the land of make-believe where movies are made and love stories are guaranteed; this love story is so hot it’s going to set the sprinklers off.

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