Ainsley Baker has done everything for her daughter but for the first time in eighteen years she wakes up not thinking about her girl. Instead, she is thinking about the hot man who saved her life while taking two and wondering if he wouldn’t mind maybe saving more than her life. Who is the mysterious and lethal Robert Nash? And does he want more from her than all the other rich men she’s used to? For the first time in years, Ainsley is about to do something just for her and find out.

Robert Nash knows Ainsley and what kind of woman she is – always flirting, never staying. He doesn’t care. He only cares about keeping her safe and keeping her. She might think he’s just another rich buffoon with too much time on his hands but the reality of Robert’s life is something much more complex and darker than Ainsley could ever imagine. Will it cause her to run from him if she found out (like it matters, he isn’t giving her up)?

This isn’t the virgin you are looking for…okay – I’ll stop with the bad Star Wars puns. Seriously this isn’t a virgin book but a book about second chances and the power of love. This story has Robert and Ainsley (Aria’s mother from For Love) about how they found their way to their own happy ever after. There is no cheating but a whole lot of sex. Oh and some of it might be considered dubcon so I’m going to put out the trigger warning now.

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