Life is one big party for Colm. Life couldn’t get any better as long as he has his tattoo shop and his twin brother. Until the night he takes his brother out to mend his broken heart and their fates run right into the path of two sisters. Suddenly, Colm isn’t the calm twin. He’s not laid back at all when it comes to Harley and winning her heart. He’s getting into barfights, waking up semi-naked with his girl in his arms, writing his name in ink…permanently…on his girl (this is why it’s never a good idea for a tattoo artist to get blind drunk), and taking everything to do with Harper dead serious. But can he make this work? Can he show this woman how serious he is about her or will she think he’s nothing more than the fun twin?


For so long now it’s just been her and her sister. She’s never needed a man to make her happy which might explain her deep, dark secret that she keeps tucked away from unsuspecting dates. If she can keep things light and fun, no one ever finds out how deep her heartstrings go and no one ever finds out she’s not who she pretends to be. Then she’s blindsided by Colm…the fun twin. Now she’s getting fired, getting inked, and letting go of her secrets; but is that enough to make a relationship – the type she secretly dreams about having – work? Can she trust this fun, tattooed man with her heart? Can she trust him with her secret?

Welcome to the world of Taboo! This is lucky number THIRTEEN in this collection of standalones. And I’ve saved the best for the luckiest number. Colm – my tattooed fun hero gets serious when it comes to love, and nothing’s as sexy as a man who knows when to be serious and when to have some fun. He might not look like an alpha but when his girl is in the equation this twin comes out swinging. So sit back, and pour something cool to drink because Colm is going to heat up your life with a whole lot of sexy and a little bit of fun!

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