Meena never dreamed that her Memorial Day weekend would get so crazy when she left with her sister and her boyfriend. Now she’s got sex parties, drugs, and one especially handsy “friend” to navigate all before Tuesday morning. One wrong move and the rest of her life could be affected by this wild weekend Down By the Lake. It’s at this party on the shore that she runs into Jeremy. Something about his coolness under pressure and his ability to tell the others how many f***s he gives makes her want to stick close to him all weekend long.

One ripped tent, a night of newly discovered pleasures, and a fistfight around the campfire and she finds herself in Jeremy’s car, in his home, and firmly embedded into his life. But can she keep someone as untamed as Jeremy interested long enough to make all her dirty dreams come true or will this be just another disappointment in her short life that leaves her feeling less than satisfied?

It’s hotter than a bonfire on the fourth of July. If you like the strong silent type who makes you say Daddy, you should pull up a log and unroll sleeping bag because it’s going to get hot enough to melt your marshmallows with this short, guaranteed happy ever after.

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