Harper just got dumped by her good-for-nothing ex, but her sister Harley knows just the thing to cheer her up – a night out at the club and maybe a tattooed bad boy to take her mind off the loser who left her. A bar fight, a drunk night out, and a tattoo aren’t the only things that greet Harper the next morning though. Cade is also there and he doesn’t have any problem helping Harper piece together their night.

It turns out Cade has his eye on her and he doesn’t plan to let someone as sweet and innocent as Harper go. The laid-back tattoo artist just found his next great muse and won’t stop until Harper lets him into her life… and her heart.

Twins are double the pleasure, double the fun but are Cade and his brother Colm going to be worth the price to the two sisters they unexpectedly collide with, or will the girls think the price for pleasure and fun is just too high?

This is the Eighth book in the Taboo series and too much fun to write. I hope you like your alpha with a side of brooding because he isn’t the fun twin but he will go out of his way to make sure the pleasure is well worth the read. And stick around for Colm and Harley’s book too!

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