Because nothing is scarier than people.


I’ve always been the good girl, my dad’s little angel, and even though I hate it, I can’t deny it’s true. I’m straight out of one of those princess fairytales. I even have an evil stepmother. She despises me. I never really knew how much until she set things in motion so I’ll be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, I have an escaped convict trying to murder me, my father’s life is in danger, and the only person I can trust is a man straight out of Hell itself. Can I even trust a prisoner named Demon or have I just bought myself a one-way ticket to heartbreak and more? And what does he mean when he says I’m his little angel and he’s going to be my Daddy from now on? Is this going to be the worst Halloween ever or the start of something heavenly?


I’m just trying to live my life and get by. That’s all you can do when you’re the biggest monster in a prison full of the evilest kinds of people. And then a little angel comes knocking at my door. When something as sweet and innocent as her gets stuck in the worst kind of situation possible I realize she’s going to need the monster I am to help her escape her demons. Only I’m one Demon she’s never going to shake. Once I have a taste of Eden, I have no plans to give her back to the father who couldn’t keep her safe to begin with. The people coming after Eden will learn no steel bars, no fiery pit, not even a prison riot will keep me from the paradise Eden is carrying around just for me. And I have the entire Sons of Chaos to make sure my little piece of Heaven is kept safe this Halloween.

Holy Candy Buckets, if you’re looking for just the right bad boy to make your Halloween more spicy then sweet Demon has you covered. He’s ready to set the mood and fight off all the scary things that go bump in the night. Are you ready to treat yourself to a steamy Halloween romance that will leave you asking for ice in the apple-bobbing barrel? Let the Sons of Chaos serve you a sweet treat with Eden and Demon, book number five in the Sons of Chaos series.

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