Akio knows that his world is one of darkness and death as a child of a member of the Yakuza, Japan’s most notorious criminal network. He doesn’t deserve anything as good and as pure as the little influencer, Quinn, in his life. But when she needs help from a shadowy threat he is the only man who can walk in both worlds to stop what’s coming for her. With the help of his grandfather and her mother can he find a way to keep Quinn after all of this is over or will his Cherry Blossom float away from him forever?

Quinn wants nothing to do with the world Akio is from. She wants to make her videos and enjoy her vacation to the land she has always been fascinated with but when he saves her from being harmed in her hotel room she starts wanting more than just Akio’s protection. Which scares her most of all.

This is the sixth book in the Taboo series and it has all the best parts of a true international taboo love story. If you like your happy ever after with a sweet virgin social media star and an over-the-top alpha bad boy then this one is for you! Kick up your feet and take a ride with Quinn and Akio through the neon lights of Japan and across the ocean to America. This love is so big it spans continents.

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