My hot neighbor just moved in. He’s smart, stand-offish, and had more Alpha than the Greek alphabet! He’s inspired more than one of my books and some hot as sin late-night dreams. Too bad he wants nothing to do with me… until I get pulled into his world of spies and death. Then everything changes, then he suddenly wants and needs my help. But what the hell can I do to help him and his friends?

These men don’t do normal. They’re larger than life so they’re going to need a love just as big. So what for the love of chocolate am I doing with my hot neighbor? How did I end up in a beach house full of sexy men with one of them telling me I’m his? And how do I get it to last?


The men of my unit have seen a lot of bad things during our time in the military. I would know… I’ve had to save more than one of them on more than one occasion. So what happens when I move next door to try to pretend to be normal and find out my neighbor is a sexy little writer that is way too bubbly and happy to fit into my world? I do the only thing I can do…I blow her house up, tell her she’s mine and try to knock her up as fast as I can! I am the ‘smartest one’ out of my unit after all!

You guys have been asking for more hot military alphas and I am nothing if not a crowd pleaser. Meet the newest soldier in the Dark Star series in book five – Code Bravo! This is one hot Alpha man you want to make house calls and promises he’ll leave you with a Happy Ever After that will make you feel all better – no matter the ailment. So sit down, curl up in a soft cover and meet the man they call Doc.

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