You Ask For It…You Got It!


Those are the words I hear when I stupidly ask one of the hot cops I’m spending my spring break with for a weekend fling. Why not? Mark’s hot, he’s a cop (always practice safe sex, right?) and a really great man. But something about the sex must have caused him to change and go crazy because Mark is a whole different man than who I gave it up to. He’s forceful, cavemannish, and apparently, my cherry has turned Mark into an Alpha who believes I am now his…forever. Did I bite off more than I can chew with this sexy detective?


I know what I want, and I work to get it. Don’t let the easy-going demeanor fool you. I might seem laid back but when it comes to something I think belongs to me I will go to any extreme. When fate sets me and Rumer on a collision course I don’t sit around and waste time. I grab fate by the balls and do what I have to so Rumer doesn’t ever wonder if I love and want her. Is it wrong to take someone so innocent when she doesn’t really know what she’s asking for? Maybe, but for my little Rabbit I’m willing to break a few rules.

Just like Rumer, you guys asked for it and hopefully, I delivered! Burn for Me is the follow-up story for Rumer and Mark whom we first meet in Melt for Me. This hard-core alpha man is obsessed with the woman he meets on a vacation to the mountains and is willing to do whatever it takes to make this little virgin his forever. If you like your hero hot enough to melt panties, come spend the night with Mark and find out what he will do to make his woman burn for him.

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