The Librarian Series: Book One

Harmony Brooks is happy with her small-town life as a librarian. Sure it’s lonely sometimes and the only thing she has to keep her warm at night are her book boyfriends but who could ask for more. Certainly not Harmony. She’s used to be left behind and everyone she loves dying on her. It is far better to shut one’s heart up than be known as the girl whom everyone leaves. 

Mike Murphy is the opposite of Harmony in every way. He’s a cop who lives his life one case at a time. Too long undercover and too many questionable things in his past make it hard for Mike to believe that a woman like Harmony could ever belong to someone like him. But it isn’t going to stop him from going after her. 

When their two worlds collide and Mike needs Harmony, will she finally let someone in or will she shut him out the way she shuts out everyone else in her life? Can Mike save Harmony when he is the one who brought the danger right to her front door? What happens after the case is over and it’s just the two of them? Mike’s life of constant danger could be the thing that changes Harmony from the girl always left behind to the one doing the leaving. 

Can a small-town librarian be the answer to a sexy, alpha cop’s prayers? It can in Jisa’s world. Virgin librarians, hot alpha bad boys, and two best friends who have some hot chemistry themselves, this book is so steamy it will take the wrinkles right out of your shirt (if you’re wearing one). Booked is the first book in the Librarians series, mixing everyday women with extraordinary men in less than fantastic circumstances. And come on, who hasn’t had a hot librarian fantasy at least once. Or twice. Or more. This is a completely safe read with a happy ever after that was a long time cumming.

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