Why love makes us legendary:

 I write romance so love is not a foreign concept to me. I have always said that I love love even through the eye rolls I get sometimes. I say I love love but do I? Love is not just the meeting of two wandering souls who find one another and ride off into the sunset. It isn’t just an epilogue where someone looks in on the story five or ten years later. Love is messy. It hurts. It takes real courage to love someone because when you love someone you give that person your heart, which is basically you saying you are completely fine with a vital organ walking around outside of your body and doing whatever in hell it wants to. It’s scary, not just to love but to be loved. I think of all the commercials and sappy flash spots that feed on this lately and yeah, it’s heartbreaking to be left behind, to look over at a spot that used to hold your heart and know that it’s not there and it isn’t coming back. But it’s equally scary to know that somewhere the person with the heart is looking on and seeing all the hurt the one left behind is feeling and they experience the sadness of not being able to do anything to make it better for the other one, not being able to comfort them or wipe away their tears or give them the hug they desperately need.

Everyone thinks love is light and fluffy or angst-ridden and rebellious but sometimes love is just sad and painful. So do I love love? Yes. I love that someone had the courage to let their heart go and that no matter where one is the other is still always with them, watching and waiting until they can be together again. I love knowing that in between all the pain and sorrow, the highs and peaks were some of the most amazing and breathtaking. Human’s capacity to love is one of the things that make us the weakest and the strongest species that exist.  So yeah, I still love love because without it we wouldn’t know what magic feels like, we wouldn’t know what colors really look like and we wouldn’t realize that we are strong no matter if we let our hearts go to be carried off by another. WE made that choice and WE were more than brave for doing it. We were legendary.