I’ve wanted nothing more than to be like my dad and big brother and fight bad guys. But the way I look has always made that…difficult. Being small and blonde has always caused people underestimate me…and made my brother and dad worry about me following behind them. That’s why this new job with a brand new security firm has to work out. It’s my one chance to make people like my brother and father take me seriously. But that’s not going to be easy when the man I have to protect is known as a Hollywood heartbreaker and keeps telling people I do more than just guard his body. If he doesn’t stop flirting with me, his stalker isn’t going to have a chance to hurt him…I’m going to do it for them.


I’ve lived a…colorful life. I was a street punk, a Marine, and now I’m a movie star. I got my start in a modern western partly because the director thought it was hilarious that my momma named me Wyatt. And just like my namesake, I’ve taken no prisoners when it comes to regrets, much to my agent’s chagrin. So when he comes to me all bent out of shape about a couple of little threats found in my fan mail my first response is to blow it off…until I catch sight of my bodyguard. The little thing has so much personality she can barely carry it around, but that’s okay. I’ll be her porter and hold all her secrets, fears, and wishes. And when the person stalking me turns their eyes on my Callie, they are going to find out just what kind of man I can be. But will all of this drive my little Peach away, especially when I try to watch her back and guard her body too? Or will I end up having to steal my bodyguard and hope I can make her fall in love with this reformed bad boy? 

Wyatt is ready to keep Callie’s blind spot well covered…with his own body. He’s not pulling punches when it comes to keeping his bodyguard safe and how sexy is a man willing to give up everything for the woman he loves? Come spend the holiday with Wyatt and Callie and reunite with some old friends of Callie from Saving Christmas and Spreading Joy in this Hollywood/Holiday crossover. Let Wyatt keep you covered this Valentine’s Day because when you’re with an alpha hero like him you never have to stand in line and worry about what to wear.  And you always know you’re going to have a Happy Ending! 😉

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