I am one lucky son of a b****! That was the first thing Seth Thomas thought when he walked into his house and found a blindfolded half-naked woman in his living room. Surely it had to be a gift from the gods for doing something right but then because of a mix up the woman he marked as his runs away. Good thing Seth isn’t giving up. He’ll find his mystery woman and when he does he’ll make sure she doesn’t get away the next time even if he has to use handcuffs!

This fast, short instalove story starts out dirty and it doesn’t get any cleaner from there. It’s a standalone happily ever after that’s sure to make for a raunchy escape into the world of alpha men and virgin women. Come find out why Lucy was blindfolded in a stranger’s house and how Seth says hello to her. Here’s a hint: he uses his mouth but he isn’t talking!!! 😉