Ever wonder where monsters come from? Ever wonder if there’s more to them than just the myths and legends? Two women are about to find out why it better down where it’s wetter.

Cassie has been in the small town long enough to know the stories about the mysterious lake people –creatures that rise from the deep to help the villagers from time to time. Nessa is new and doesn’t know if she even believes in the stories or not.

Then the annual festival to honor these creatures begins and Cassie and Nessa find themselves both marked women. Marked with mating marks. These women are about to find out how much harder it is to get away from an Alpha-hole when he has more than two arms to hold you with.

– Well, I did it. Mr. Dean told me not to do tentacles and I did it anyway. If you like your monsters hot and loyal then you are going to love meeting Merrick and Douglas. They aren’t animals but they certainly have that instinct to protect the one they love, the one woman who rules their heart. So put the laundry down, turn off the business meeting, and come get wet with me.

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