The Craving…it been with him always. His constant companion, his first thought, and last wish before sleep claimed him. No, it wasn’t for food or drink. It wasn’t even for the life-giving blood that he needed to survive. It was for his mate!

It was for her!

Dorin and Drake are part of an ancient line of creatures that were specifically created to control the masses. Both of them have become disenchanted with their existence and so have gone into the deep hibernating sleep of their kind….until two women come crashing into their lives. Now they are very much awake and trying to find out how to get two modern women to fall in love with two very ancient dragons who have seen more in their time than anyone should. And finding out that maybe there’s something bigger than they are… the magic of love.

In the second book in the Ancient Monsters series, the mythos of the Metamorphs unfurls even further when two creatures of legend find their happy-ever-afters finally. If you like a little magic with your shifters then sit down and get ready to meet Dorin, Lilliana, Drake, and Jossie. These fire-breathing dragons are willing and more than ready to set your sheets on fire!

*Trigger Warning* These monsters know what they want and take it, so if that’s not your thing please skip this one. I will definitely be back with less triggering happy-ever-afters in the blink of an eye.

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