The Lake Series: Book Five


Let’s go back – back to the lake!

Roxy Andrei can think of only one place to go when she gets in trouble…her brother Reyn’s lakehouse. It’s where her brother fell in love with his wife and where she met the man she loves so many years ago. But going back there is bittersweet. Reyn may have gotten his happy ever after but hers turned into a ghost story. Tom O’ Malley showed her what she could have with the right man and then vanished from her life. But Roxy has bigger problems than the ghost of an old romance. She’s running scared and the man who left her with her heart in her hands might just be the only man that can help her.

Tom never really left Roxy. He’s kept more than an eye on her, but he made a promise to himself that he would give her time – time to grow some, time to experience life without an obsessed alpha hanging on her every move, time to be ready for him and the life he always saw for them. Well, he tried at least. When she finds herself in trouble, she doesn’t have to tell Tom. He already knows someone is out to get his girl. That someone is about to find out exactly what Tom’s picked up while working the dark side of cyber security and just what a man will do to keep his woman safe.

That’s right, we’re headed back to the lake and Roxie finally gets her happy ever after. It’s a celebration of the first series I ever wrote and some friends from more than one series might be popping up to say hello. If you like your computer nerd with just the right amount of alpha growl and your heroine not afraid to grab her man and wrestle him into submission, then you should spend the day with Roxy and Tom, back at the Lake.

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