Ariel has always felt her looks were the one thing holding her back from a peaceful life. She doesn’t want the life her best friend has in Hollywood where leading men are a dime a dozen and powerful, rich men have all the control. She just wants to design her clothes and stop thinking about having to dodge overly friendly people…and then she spots him. He’s dark and mysterious and makes her want to understand all of the cravings and feelings he causes. He’s unlike any other man she has ever met before. But can she trust him with more than just her heart?

August has grown up on the streets with no family and no softness in his life. He is a hard man who knows that if you want something you have to fight for it and the one thing he is more than ready to fight for is the little redhead he met when he came to town. She’s his soft respite from the dark life he is living and he will do anything to keep her safe and with him, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Book four of the Hollywood Forever series is here and ready to heat up your device. Ariel has finally met a man she can’t run from and August has met a woman he doesn’t want to hide from. These two are going to be combustible. There is a slight trigger warning with this one because of how horribly alpha August can be when it comes to keeping his girl safe but I promise it ends in a happy ever after and a love will burn brighter than any Hollywood star – Always!

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