1st Year Anniversary

Hello Lovelies!  It's hard to believe that it's already been a whole year.  It has been an amazing year with you and it all started with the Lake Series.  To show my appreciation for you and to celebrate the anniversary of my first book, Lake House, the series will be on sale for  .99¢ through the end of February!  Looking forward to another year with you!

The Within Series: Book Two

Bruce and Declan are two very different animals despite growing up together. Bruce is more of the soft-hearted romantic who is forever drawing pictures of his mate while the death of his brother hit Declan hard. It changed him. Now he isn’t just an animal but a monster on the inside as well. Seeing a pretty little human in town might get him to turn back into a teddy bear if she gives him some of her honey (I promise this is the last bad bear pun – mainly because I can’t think of anymore).

On the other side of town, Bruce finds out that to get to his mate he can be more than just a beautiful...


The Black Star Serie: Book One

Gunfights, dead bodies, and one pissed off Russian is not Kat St. Claire’s idea of a good time. But that’s exactly what she has on her hands all while trying to stay alive long enough to become an old cat lady. The next time she prays for excitement in her life she’s going to give herself a swift kick in the a$$.

Ivan Dragomir’s entire world is a repeat of nothing but vice, blood, and death. He left Russia to start a new life, one that didn’t include the violence of his past, but violence wasn’t done with him yet.
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Mason Pierce wears his heart on his sleeve for the world to see. He’s always tried to do the right thing; keep his family away from the craziness that comes as a result of him being a rock star, fighting for a lady’s honor, and standing up for weaker people. Yeah, he’s taken a lot of shit for it in the media and yeah, he’s got more than one black eye or busted knuckle from it but it feels wrong not to fight for what is right. And he knows the minute Cora walks through the door of his hospital room asking for his billing information that she is right for him. Nothing is going to stop Mason from chasing his own Happy Ever After - except maybe the career he loves.

Will Mason chose fame over love or can he find a balance that won’t leave him with a Pierced Heart?

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