Blind Love

I am one lucky son of a b****! Was the first thing Seth Thomas thought when he walked into his house and found a blindfolded half-naked woman in his living room. Surely it had to be a gift from the gods for doing something right but then Read More…

The Human Between

From the beginning, the twins, Fagan and Phineas knew their mate was going to have to be someone extraordinary. The human they mate with will have to be prepared to take them both at the same time. Not something just any woman can handle. They also knew the first time they saw the doctor’s new assistant, Tia, that she was the one for them. Read More…

Under New Management

Monica Stacey is a new up and coming star, if she can keep the pervs at bay and work her way through the pitfalls of her career. Lucky for her, she’s Under New Management. In fact, she’s hoping to get even further under her new agent Vin Payne, right under him in fact, so she can see him above her every night and wake up to him on top of her every morning. But falling for Vin’s charms is career suicide – until it’s not and Vin starts making moves on her.

Lakefront Property

I knew the moment I first saw Brandi at my friend’s company that I wanted her. Her turning me down and not falling for all of my bull just adds to the list of reasons I want her. But it’s not just want. It’s a burning, all-consuming need to be with the one woman who has me tied to her like a sub to their master (which anyone who knows me knows that is not a role I usually get down for). 

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The Monster Inside

Bruce and Declan are two very different animals despite growing up together. Bruce is more of the soft-hearted romantic who is forever drawing pictures of his mate while the death of his brother hit Declan hard. It changed him. Now he isn’t just an animal but a monster on the inside as well. Seeing a pretty little human in town might get him to turn back into a teddy bear if she gives him some of her honey

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