Lake Bound

The Lake / Librarian Crossover

Ever been sitting there minding your own business and been hit by a train? Seeing the woman I couldn’t stop thinking about come in dressed in white, and I don’t mean a wedding dress, will do that to you I suppose. I watched my best friends fall in love, get married, and live out their happy ever after and now I want mine! So when the woman, who I thought was marrying someone else, turns out single and as lonely as me I can see all of my endings being happy ones. True love, it can’t just be for someone else, can it?

Sit back and buckle up, we go back to the Lake for this one. If you loved Tray in Down By The Lake and wanted to see him get his happy ending then this book is for you – and who doesn’t like a happy ending, uh,er, I mean I happily ever after (cough cough giggle).

Late Notice

The Librarian Series: Book Three

Mary Beth has watched her friends fall in love and start families but all she has to show for herself are a couple of bad dates and a crazy person trying to get closer than she wants. Thank God the school librarian was there the night Dex (Douchebag ex) tried to take what she was unwilling to give. Who knew the super hot librarian and high school history teacher could kick so much a**? 

Crimson Deep

The Brothers: Book 2

Neptune lives in a world covered in dirt and blood. An assassin by trade and a smart ass by birth, he’s skating through life one sarcastic line at a time. He’s a self-professed Daddy Dom who isn’t looking for anything deeper than a one night stand. Until he meets her.

The Lake Series

Take a trip back to the lake, there must be something in the water!

Lake House: Book One

Lakeside Daddy: Book Two

Down by the Lake: Book Three

Coming Soon: Lakefront Property

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